What is Automated Quality Management (AQM)?

Automated Quality Management (AQM) is an integrated component that automates the entire quality management process of a contact center. This includes scoring evaluations, assigning coaching, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Designed to streamline operations and elevate performance, AQM operates as a robust system automating various crucial aspects of the quality management journey. By leveraging advanced technologies, AQM offers a comprehensive solution, encompassing everything from precise evaluation scoring to personalized coaching assignments, all while guaranteeing adherence to industry regulations.

How Does AQM Work?

Automated Quality Management (AQM) software is designed to assess and evaluate a much larger percentage of calls in a contact center compared to traditional manual tracking. It achieves this by leveraging advanced technology and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

Here’s how AQM software evaluates 100% of calls:

  1. Speech Analytics: AQM software uses speech-to-text technology to transcribe and analyse the content of recorded calls. This enables it to process a vast number of calls quickly and efficiently.
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP algorithms are employed to understand the context, sentiment, and language used during customer interactions. This allows the software to assess not only the words spoken but also the tone, emotion, and overall customer experience.
  3. Customizable Evaluation Criteria: The software can be configured to assess calls based on specific evaluation criteria set by the contact centre management. These criteria could include compliance adherence, script adherence, customer satisfaction, issue resolution, empathy, and more.
  4. Automated Scoring: The software assigns scores to calls based on predefined evaluation criteria. These scores are objective, consistent, and not influenced by human biases that might occur in manual evaluations.
  5. Prioritisation of High-Risk Calls: AQM software can prioritise the evaluation of calls that have higher risks or potential compliance violations, allowing contact centre managers to address critical issues promptly.
  6. Identification of Trends and Patterns: By processing a large volume of calls, the AQM software can identify trends, patterns, and recurring issues. This helps management to take proactive measures to improve overall contact centre performance.

The Role of AQM in Coaching and Scheduling

Automated quality management (AQM) is a powerful tool that can be used to improve the coaching and scheduling of agents in a contact centre. By automating these tasks, AQM can free up time for managers to focus on other areas, such as developing new training programs or resolving customer issues.

How Does AQM Automate Coaching?

Automated Quality Management (AQM) transforms coaching with two key features:

  • automatic call transcription
  • AI-powered call scoring.

Managers can swiftly review interactions, identify improvement areas, and create personalized coaching plans for agents based on quantitative assessments. AQM optimizes efficiency, enabling crisp, data-driven coaching for enhanced agent performance.

How Does AQM Automate Scheduling?

Automated Quality Management (AQM) excels in streamlining coaching processes through automated scheduling. AQM’s advanced algorithms swiftly identify available agents capable of coaching and intelligently schedule coaching sessions accordingly. 

By proactively managing coaching sessions, AQM optimizes agent development and performance, elevating overall team efficiency. With its crisp and data-driven approach, AQM empowers organizations to foster a culture of continuous improvement, driving higher customer satisfaction and ultimately leading to greater business success.

Benefits of Automated Quality Management


Advanced Quality Management (AQM) solutions empower businesses to optimise resource allocation by automating tasks. AQM allows employees to focus on strategic activities, reducing costs and improving efficiency. Streamlining workflows through AQM enhances decision-making and fosters innovation, ensuring sustainable growth and competitiveness.

Lower Risk

The integration of Advanced Quality Management (AQM) solutions offers businesses a powerful shield against errors and compliance violations. Through automated data collection and analysis, AQM enables early detection of potential issues, allowing prompt corrective action. This proactive approach helps safeguard businesses from expensive lawsuits and fines, ensuring a secure and compliant operational environment.

Personalized Coaching

Leveraging data analytics on employee performance provides valuable insights to identify specific areas for improvement. This data-driven approach enables us to create highly tailored coaching plans, unlocking each employee’s full potential for accelerated growth and enhanced productivity.

Faster Employee Growth

AQM holds the key to turbocharging employee growth within your business. It can offer consistent feedback and personalized coaching, empowering employees to learn and cultivate new skills. This process cultivates a workforce that becomes not only more proficient but also remarkably productive.

The Importance of AQM in Modern Contact Centres

In today’s competitive marketplace, customer experience is more important than ever. Contact centres are the front line of customer interaction, and their agents are responsible for delivering a positive and memorable experience.

That’s why agent performance and management are increasingly becoming a necessity in modern contact centers. Automated quality management (AQM) is a powerful tool that can help contact centers focus on improving agent performance, proactively tracking compliance issues, and providing a uniform and consistent experience to every customer.

How AQM Can Improve Agent Performance?

Advanced Quality Management (AQM) system empowers managers with valuable insights into agent interactions. Key metrics like call length, handle time, and customer satisfaction scores are analysed for pinpointing improvement areas and enhancing overall performance. 

Real-time feedback helps agents learn from mistakes and improve quickly. AQM also identifies standout agents for recognition and inspiring exceptional performance. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement, offering personalized feedback and coaching to deliver unparalleled customer service and drive sustainable growth.

How AQM Can Proactively Track Compliance Issues?

AQM serves as a proactive tool for contact centers to track compliance effectively. By identifying potential violations like improper agent identification or lack of customer consent for call recording, AQM ensures swift corrective action. This proactive approach mitigates risks, upholds regulatory standards, and safeguards the contact center’s reputation as a trustworthy organization.

How AQM Can Provide a Uniform and Consistent Experience?

Implementing AQM is essential for contact centres aiming to deliver a uniform and consistent customer experience. Customers rightfully expect the same level of service, regardless of the agent they interact with.

AQM achieves this by enforcing standardized procedures and guidelines across all agents. This consistency ensures that customers consistently receive top-notch service, fostering trust, loyalty, and an impeccable reputation for the contact center.

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